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Name :- Abstract Highs in Blue Scale

Category:- solo Exhibition

  • Date:- 18th Sep 2017 to 21st Sep 2017

  • Theme:- Abstract Highs in Blue Scale

    The significance of black - a symbol of strength. It absorbs you in. It erases negative energies and ignites the positivity within. It also represents the night.

    The significance of blue - a symbol of peaceful love; which is in abundance and knows no boundaries. The beautiful blue tints and tonal value of the sky, takes on various mesmerizing abstract forms is the main source of inspiration for my paintings. I have tried to showcase the conversation between the various forms and tones of blue. Whenever I look up at the vastness of the sky, the clouds appeal to me as beautiful forms of nature, something I’ve tried to capture in my paintings.

    The significance of white - a symbol of purity, truth, transparency and zenith. It represents the various forms and tones of daylight. The white in my paintings depict depth, and also symbolizes movement towards high scales.

    My paintings range from low key to high key, which also portray my personal journey, as well as represent the various phases of my life. Low key, being the beginning of my journey, to high key, being my most recent work.

    For this collection, I have used black and white—the basics—to showcase the classical tone of abstract art.

    While working with the colours, black, blue, and white, I noticed that they merged in an extremely beautiful and seamless manner, in such a way, that their boundaries disappeared, thereby creating a one-of-a-kind gradient.

    Hence, the theme ABSTRACT HIGHS IN BLUE SCALE.