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Exhibitions Heading [ Image size 960 x 60  ]
Name :- Inner Music

Category:- solo Exhibition

  • Date:- 31st Jan 2005 to 12th Feb 2005

  • Theme:- Inner Music

    A Single point marks the beginning to eternity, just like a micro root trying to sprout. A single point,one more and many more together lead to a new creation and a journey to spirituality.
    Thoughts and Expressions vary, but emotions fly together.This ultimately leads to one more query,which is that power that holds the entire universe together? Many solar systems keep revolving in the universe. The sun is again a point or beginning to life. Innumerable drops of water turn into an ocean, only then we realise its intensity.
    The main aim of inner music is to intersect with our innerself which is turn is a journey to Eternity.
    This painting represents our emotions,inner deelings or inner harmony.
    This is INNER MUSIC

    Balasaheb Abhang